Chairman's Message

Since 2008, the surging global and Chinese financial markets have together witnessed the consistent excellent performance of China Southern Asset Management (CSAM), as well as the rapid rise of CSOP Asset Management ("CSOP"), CSAM's oversea platform. Leveraging on our regional investment expertise, we aim to serve as a trustworthy partner for international investors in their pursuance of the China success story. Setting our footstep in the international market, we guide Chinese institutions and individual investors in exploring the global realm of opportunity. Superior performance in our equity and bond products has made us the largest RQFII (Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors) fund manager; with the aid of a comprehensive and diversified product line, we are setting a broader China horizon for global clients.

Success derives from a confluence of opportunities, institutions, and people. "Leading the world's China investment", CSOP's opportunity stems from the flourishing and gradually stabilizing China market. Amid global economy’s volatilities and uncertainties, China has maintained a consistent annual GDP growth above 8%, with the gradual appreciation of the RMB adding to a more solid investment return. Evolution of China's increasingly open and structured regulatory framework enables CSOP to extend the advantages it has in the local China market to the international market and prepare for ever more suitable and diversified products for sophisticated international investors.

Framework is built on scientific management with long-term objectives, as well as targeted R&D strategies and rigorous risk control systems. China's current economic consolidation is like a touchstone, it has manifested the superiority of CSAM's robust and resilient management system already. The strength of this framework, in turn, is translated into CSOP's precise product design and superior performances through seamless cross-market collaboration between mainland China and Hong Kong, laying the cornerstones of trust for our global investors.

But above all, investment is about people. It is about honoring the values and interests of our investors, with the provision of concrete and measurable solutions instead of vague promises. It is about growing and cherishing our team, so that talented fund managers from diverse backgrounds could thrive on an inclusive culture, a straightforward and effective incentive structure, and support generated from firm resources. We hope that the combination of the aforementioned elements can draw a robust learning curve collectively for CSOP's members and this, at the end of the day, is the fountain that supports our past and future achievements

From our deep roots in the soil of the southern part of China, where many seeds of China's landmark reform initiatives were sown, CSAM and CSOP seek to spread the branches and fruits of prosperity across all seas. Towards the boundless future, we have only just begun to set our sails over the Victoria Harbor. Join us, on this triumphant voyage.

Mr. GAO Liangyu
Chairman, CSOP Asset Management