CEO's Message

Looking at my experience in the asset management industry for the past ten years retrospectively, there were two fund raisings I would never forget. In the year 2007, I was in charge of the International Business Department at China Southern Asset Management Co., Ltd. and we managed to raise more than 5 billion USD in three days for one of China's first Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor ("QDII") funds. I could still remember a call from a friend in New York with a shocking voice: "Financial Times must have got it wrong! It should be 5 billion RMB, isn't it?" In the year 2012, as the CEO of CSOP Asset Management Limited, I led the team to another significant milestone and listed an ETF, the RMB Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors ("RQFII") product CSOP FTSE China A50 ETF, which soon became one of the pioneer passive A-share investment products. The ETF was over-subscribed for the entire 5 billion RMB quota in the IPO stage and in three months' time, the ETF's AUM has more than tripled. I am lucky to have witnessed such a rapid development of China's asset management industry and the country's corresponding economic growth and I am extremely proud that China Southern Asset Management Co., Ltd. and CSOP Asset Management Limited are serving at the frontier of promoting the development of China's financial market. Our vision was and will always be to serve as the market leader of China investments and investing into China.

I feel grateful that our firm are gaining more international exposures and the brand name CSOP Asset Management is receiving more attention and support from international investors. On the product level, we pioneered in the RQFII regime by launching the CSOP Shen Zhou RMB Fund and a successful listing of the CSOP FTSE China A50 ETF on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Our ETF turnover has often been among the top 10 most actively traded stocks list. Outside of Asia, we set our footprint in Europe with a dedicated effort in HK equity and RMB high yield bond funds under the UCITs IV system and we reach out to US investors by providing them with professional investment advisory services. As a growing business, CSOP Asset Management Limited believes in teamwork and all our team members bring great passion and energy to work every single day. We firmly believe that we are able to present great opportunities for all types of investors, right here and right now in CSOP Asset Management Limited.

We are always on the move to make a difference, but even during the busy days, sometimes, it is just also satisfying to drink a cup of hot tea with amazing tea leaves brought back from my home town, look out at the Victoria Harbor, discuss with the team on the exciting developments in the market and reflect on the exciting changes in the market. I am more than happy to invite all of you to join us in this amazing journey.

Ms. Ding Chen
Chief Executive Officer
March 2013